YOUR ALL IN ONE - Considered done !

B.O.S.S.  -Business Operational Software System -  Tangibles and intangibles like software  and hard goods are our main commodities aside from consulting. We are ready to give you proof of life or workout a production plan to suit yor budget for Software or Commodity needs we specialize in  information techology systems or hard to find commodities and information.  

Here to buy 1million to 1 billion of the best advanced masks ?

7M G N95 -2067 buy masks,  

VIA OUR 7M source(s), request package

  • from 7MG-Fly 3Ply to 2067 - 3067
  • Need 1 Billion to 50 billion N95, FFP2 or Fashion Masks ? Start your CIF requests now
  • 7 M Global, Manufacturer sources give the best value for volume premium  goods 
  • Buyers hire Ibanx Direct Buying Agency Sourcing Consulting -  or 7M Global and pay only on POL, SGS ,TUV and Bill of Lading proof.. goods are deliverd. MOQ Request  50 000 
  • The best premium 7M Global goods guaranteed

Medical and non medical 

Gloves, ready to ship now

  • purchase order & Sellers Guarantee & IMFPA   signed
  • receive POL , SPA/FCO and pay 10%, then receive SGS or TUV, pay 40%, Receive Bill of Lading, pay balance, receive goods 
  • no proof of funds required, MOQ-10 MILLION BOXES.
  • FROM $9.90 USD TO $11.70  CIF Most places



  • consulting for specialty commodities $ 15 000 
  • sample package of masks - $ 299 
  • sample package of gloves and masks $599
  • Build Global  Commercial Credit  Consulting         $ 12 000 to $ 35 000 pending plan