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Make thy way straight with our best compass to deal directly via buying sourcing agency agreement for commodites and channels live goods or production goods requests.
                               Aquire safe, brilliant  efficient SOP to connect to the resources your seeking for local & global Commerce on a NON EXCLUSIVE basis.                                             Fill in form and receive your own Commodity  request tracking portal.

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Discover canada OEM 7M vision, consulting, sourcing, channels, verify and buy supply

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Quantity: MOQ  50 000 pieces to 50 Billion units (pieces,Ounces, Barrels, LB....


In General seeking Live Goods CIF  ___ or Seeking Production Goods


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Washable Organic Wear

Delivery in 5 to 14 days. MOQ 1 000 000 

from $ 1.77 to $2.67 USD each. suggested retail $12.77 each. Submit your IPO - order before 7M global  site launch

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7M-G-Medical Face Masks

Centurion... N95 2067 Start your order today. Compare and save time money and gain great quality and value.  Plan CIF Anywhere worldwide.

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Co Co Loco - Organic Air

washable smart Plandemic masks. wash up to 15 times ! from wholesale $ 1.19  MOQ 10 000 - non n 95 - best for health conscious populaces

Order NowCoco Loco Masks

KN 95 From $ 0.67 CIF 

Guaranteed within 8 to 18 days. MOQ 500 000 


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Order Now 7M disposable isolation gown  .....

Work safely and in style with your choice of....

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I M Direct -00188 -Channel

There are times when buyers cant find what they are looking for however, a freelance channel usually is likely more connected with resources that matter via confidental relationships, and bring unprecedented awesome  value when sourcing goods from multiple supply resources for a common good or a specified item.  Since no advance fees are charged and benefits to keep prices low, fair, transparent with net prices and low consulting  or sourcing fees give respect to all brokers, agents, middlemen, finders and independent facilitators who work hard and sincere integrity on behalf of buyers and suppliers who often forget the work it takes to source resources. Our buyers and brokers and channel contracts with sources guarantee better value to a marketplace where the main sales agents using any of our sourcing channels to obtain or verify goods will be appreciated and compensated for brilliance in sourcing  and filling our order desk provided referrals can and will be verified.

NA-BEG - 0088 Channel 

Cant find the supply or process your order ? A history of performance, readiness to assist buyers with making sure goods, SGS report is requested as soon as required documents are given, Ibanx Direct is happy to share channel NA-BEG -0088 for instutional orders of  Tech goods or Medical Supplies direct bliss from OEM sourced channel.  Processing time 3 to 9 days. Have your Buying Documents ready to submit for order approval and ICPO issuance and earn the right to own the goods your seeking. make Live Goods Request, we do the rest to validate and confirm 

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- Flowshow 0777 Channel   

Hospitals, Medical Center constant needs, frontline, fema, government, local, global, Sourcing Channel for direct buying of large volume commodities and medical goods. Nitre gloves, suits, sanitizer, 3M goods,, masks verified for spot and production runs. Are you sure your serious about obtaining supply, wheres your POF and IPO ?

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Channel Zhang Can -Deal Strategies - 

Direct sources with integrity who sincerly care about what matters, finding direct supply channels that deliver time and time again.

Only call if you are 100% RWA to place your request. Provide your price range,  model or commodity name, quantity, and provide your transactional agent, your PO and other docs pending supply channels selected.  

submit request now or contact the party who referred you.

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Hospital-Industrial -Medical - Institutional

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Hand Sanitizer Dispensers and Hand Sanitizer

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Hand dispensers and hand gel, machines and soap, best - Channel

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Independant resources and our brilliant resources Hand sanitizer Dispensers and soap machines.